Isle of Skye

During the last years, I have been visiting the Isle of Skye with my family many times. Last year we stayed there in May and this year in April.  

The weather is always a bit chancy, but we make the best of every day. Last year in a little shop I overheard one day an old lady saying that "Rain is coming" and another woman stating " It is never far away, is it?". The good attitude towards the weather is something to be admired. This time we talked to a woman working at the Co-Op in Broadford and she said, "As long as there is no tornado, the weather should be alright."  I believe there is a lot to learn from the people on this island. 

The weather is also the reason one has the chance to take wonderful photos on Skye. After an intense rainfall or right before that, you can see the most stunning rainbows (even double ones). We do not have that many rainbows were I live (Munich). Between rain showers, when the sun shines through the clouds, the light is simply magnificent.   

In tandem with the truly awe-inspiring landscape of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, woodlands, beaches the possibilities for a landscape photographer are simply endless.

I hope that my photographs convey the beauty of this very special place and inspire you to travel to the Isle of Skye yourself or that it reminds you of days spent there in the past.



Fairy Pools, Glenbrittle


Talisker Bay

Fiscavaig Bay

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