Outdoor Session


During my photo sessions, I am aiming for a beautiful and stress-free experience for the whole family. All members of the family shall have fun, although I am posing everyone, will I not ask or demand from children that they have to smile. I prefer to take photos that convey real feelings and connection. My style is more like a documentary. I adore pictures in which the family members play with each other and not look at me at all (just like I am not there). Yes, there might be a few photos where everybody looks into the camera, but this is not the primary goal of the session.

My photo sessions are only 45 min to an hour long, but I still take a substantial amount of photos. I do not want to ask the families to decide which photos to choose. All of the images that I make of the family are unique and special and show their connections to one another. A that is why I will give you all the pictures in the form of a digital image gallery. These images (at least 45 - often more) you can download as high-resolution files and keep forever and print, wherever you would like.


My favourite location so far is the Eisweiher in Ismaning. The evening light is lovely there.

The English Garden offers many possibilities for a photo session as well.

Do you know of a lovely spot around or in Munich? Suggestions are welcome.

Bad Weather or Illness

In most cases, I schedule the photo sessions on weekends - on a Saturday morning or evening. During the week before I will check the weather and if it turns out that on the day of the shoot the weather will be bad, I will work with the families to reschedule. Often, I might suggest the Sunday (I keep that day free, for this eventuality.)

Should one of the family members or I will be ill on the day of the shoot, we will reschedule to the next available date.

What to wear?

I recommend Casual chic as dress style. Everyone should be able to move freely so that the parents can play with the children comfortably.

The cloth of each family member should be coordinated but not like a uniform. I do not recommend T-Shirts with big logos and the like.


The package fee of 150 € covers the foto session and the high-resolution digital images. 75 € is due when booking a session (non-refundable), and the remaining 75 € is shortly owing before the foto session takes place.)

Book a Session

To book a session, please contact me via the Contact Form on this website.

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